About Us

Chuckie Buckets was born on the kitchen table in my house. A bunch of my son's friends were home for a party and were playing quarters (a drinking game). After watching for a few minutes, I realized they were garbage at the game! And when I told them so, they challenged me to play. 

Long story short, I was given the nickname "Chuckie Buckets" because I was killing them. I may not be the greatest quarters player, but in this case, I was the best in the room.

That following July 4th, I was playing golf with my son and brother-in-law and hit a hole in one on the 17th hole. My son immediately yelled "Chuckie Buckets!" and it made me put 2-and-2 together: Chuckie Buckets + Golf =  Chuckie Buckets Golf!

So the brand was born. As a joke, I made some Chuckie Buckets bucket hats, and all of my friends wanted one. I decided to create a golf apparel business around Chuckie Buckets, and here we are!

I hope you enjoy the fun of Chuckie Buckets Golf as much as I do. I'm not a great golfer, but I love to golf and have fun with my friends. This is what I think of when I wear my Chuckie Buckets Golf stuff. I hope you do as well!


Chuck Smith (a.k.a. Chuckie Buckets)